Look Up

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My friend, Dee Meyer and I are going to see if this question can catch on: “What else can go right?” After all, isn’t it true that many more good things happen in a day? Come on…count your EVERY blessing; look up and your whole perspective will change~ ♥

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Do We Think About What We Say vs What We Believe?

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Are spirituality and politics mutually exclusive? Or is there a way to bring forth our spirituality in to the political arena? Praying and meditation are a necessary part of solutions, but are they enough? EveryONE has those moments alone of asking themselves (on many and any levels) “what can I do to make a difference?”

In all cultures and religions on the planet there is a form of  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and I believe we would find most, if not all people say that they believe in these words. With much of what is airing on the news or printed in the papers regarding our politics and the condition of the earth, I feel compelled to ask the leaders from around the world: If you believe, REALLY believe in these words, how can you say some of the things you say? What would happen if we wrote to our leaders around the world with nothing more than the words from the Golden Rule and ask them to sit with these words before they speak. Can these words be something one only believes during spiritual or religious gatherings, but forgotten the rest of the time?

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Mr. Barrett’s Autumn Meditation

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Autumn always reminds me of Mr. Barrett, the man who lived across the street from me when I was growing up. Mr. Barrett’s annual obsession was the leaves. He owned what I can only call a riding – outdoor – vacuum cleaner. For two months of every year, Mr. Barrett became one with his yard. When he wasn’t pacing his lawn vehicle back and forth over the fading blue grass, he would dart from his garage with a poker or rake to get the five or six leaves that would fall between the pacing and the parking of the giant leaf sucker–this all before the advent of the beloved leaf blower.

No surprise, Mr. Barrett owned the first leaf blower on the block—to him an absolute instrument of wonder. Everyone on the block knew of his purchase from the unique roar of this contraption.

Every year, my entire family, usually one at a time, though sometimes in a group, would take a daily pause at our front window, to watch Mr. Barrett groom his property. And daily, my father would comment, “He blows the leaves to the streets and then overnight Mother Nature blows them right back into his yard.” I guess all the same, Mr. Barrett was communing with nature in his own way as he always looked happy.

Until I was older, I never really understood why anyone raked leaves because it seemed to me that the wind took care of the evidence of the passing season. And as I think of it, the leaves my father raked held one purpose~piles in which to jump. I really don’t have a clear memory of my father bagging those leaves…perhaps the wind…

Thanks Mr. Barrett and Dad ~ for the memories ♥ nannette

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Our minds are our very own simulators

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Our minds are our very own simulators…we can simply imagine a thing and be happy or sad ~ when you are feeling down or angry remember one of your most joyous memories or look at beautiful photograph and exercise your face into a smile.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the result~

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