Dolphin Sky, 2013

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In my land-locked geography,
on a cold wintry day,
I look up over
dusty white
foothills of the Rockies
into a sea
to see
a school of sky dolphins
swimming through
the setting of the sun ~

nannette rogers kennedy

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Vanishing Points, 2013

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Vanishing Points

Driving down a two-lane stretch
of flat and carless highway,
black winds and indigo clouds
slow dance before me~
night visiting the day.
In my rear view mirror
it looks no different~
vanishing points
in both directions.

On the left side
of the road
stand leaning
and weathered
fence posts guarding
dry and unplowed
fields of hay.
Deer, antelope, cattle and horses
hide in wide
open places
I do not see.

Telephone poles
border the other side
and wires sag
from once-upon-a-tree
to once-upon-a-tree
carrying conversations
I cannot hear.
I ride along with them
to the horizon line.

Out of nowhere flies
a whistling meadowlark~
a splash of yellow
in the dark
singing a song of note,
reminding me
I am not alone.

I am here.

nannette rogers kennedy 2013

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Pink Plum Sky, 2013

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In the moments
between sunset and dusk
the winter wheat
seems the color
of dark red wine,
and the fields
wave with motion
not unlike a purple sea~
water…but not,
before my eyes.

On a slight hill
against the pink-plum sky
one wooden
ordinary & vacant chair
(barely a silhouette)
sits beneath
a lone leafless tree
above a dancing
earth’s infinite

nannette kennedy
february 2013

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A Letter to Today, by Casey Kennedy, 2013

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Beautiful…and I’m proud to say that this was written by my son, Casey Kennedy.

A Letter to Today
by Casey Kennedy


Dear Today,

“How was I?” The day had asked.

“Very well, although I think it may be time you passed.”

Tears started to pool within his eyes.

“But why? We had so much fun together…”

I nodded and looked up to the sky.

Silence between the both of us was… overwhelming.

“If I stayed with you, I wouldn’t be able to go forward…I don’t want to live in the past, you see. I want to live in the present.”

Today’s face filled with dread..

After a short time a smile began to break his stone hard face.

I looked into Todays’ eyes and said, “I love you. Without you life can’t go on. That’s why it is time for you to sleep yourself away, and awake, Tomorrow.”

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trees, trees, trees

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Weeping Willow
by any
given name…
strikes me
as nothing short
of miraculous ~

nannette kennedy
january 2013


I Love Trees

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I love trees,
no matter the time of the year~
Tiny tight, bud-like flowers,
leaves all colors of green,
leaves orange, scarlet, or golden
and even trees
with no leaves at all ♥

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Awaits You…

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Your eyes~
squinted tight
only open
as a vandalized
and camouflaged slit
in a century~
old cemetery fence.

Your mind~
solidly sealed
so closed
as the inside of an iron,
and forgotten
solitary-confine door.

Your heart~
hardened hard
with ignorant hate
wasting away
in effort
to beat clotted vitriol
through your veins
instead of blood.

Your hands~
fisted for fight,
arthritic with fear,
paralyze into claws
as you clench a newborn
in your arms~
you too exhausted to embrace.

Your mouth~
stiff from rapacious
words drooling
from a dark
canyon within.
“Nigger lover, Communist,”
you scream at me
and deliver a blow to the hood of my car.
You inject your tabula rasa infant
with malignant malevolence.

Do unto others.
Teach your children well.
Try your sails with the winds of a softer heart,
not with the gales and gusts
of uneducated and untamed terror.

A vast sea, not void of storms,
but also filled with infinite peaceful waters awaits you.

A boundless ocean, not without predators,
but also graced with the dance of dolphins awaits you.

Awaits you…

nannette rogers kennedy
november 2012

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Where Do We Start?

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First we cry.
Then we hold on
to one another
for the help
of continuing
to stand.


Not unlike the first
piece of rubble
picked up after
NYC’s twin towers came down…

Not unlike the first
chunk of cement
removed after
the earthquakes
in Japan and Haiti…

Not unlike the first
bags of water
helicopters dropped
on the 2012 wildfires…

Not unlike the first
boards and walls
pulled away after
the Joplin tornado…

we begin with reaching
for the first
downed branch
floating dish
passing chair
ruined & cherished photos
old family paintings
& worn letters
yellowed baby books &
black & white home movies
and so much more
that hurricane Sandy
stole and blew away
with the ease
of a breath…

We begin again.
That’s who we are.
We human beings
refuse to remain

nannette rogers kennedy
October 30 2012

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Be Still

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Be still.
Hear your heart,
listen to that which gives you bliss,
behold the course that the soul sails easily,
follow this path and breathe
with the thunder of tides ~

nannette rogers kennedy
October 2012
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Moment of Nostalgia

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Eight years old,
I lie in my bed,
the first gray light
of a snow-covered
January morning
breaks through
my window
with a new
about life.

My father
now resides
in my heart
and the world
I know trembles
in thoughts
of losing
my mother too.

She realizes
and feels
my horror
and quietly
my mother
slips into bed
beside me
pulls up
warm blankets
around us
and whispers
“We will
be alright.
I promise.”

nannette rogers kennedy June 2012
photo by nannette 

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