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rnApril 13, 2009~Today is the day I leave for South Africa! I’ve just said goodbye to my husband and my son at Denver International Airport. They will miss me, but they are excited for me. Next time I write, I will write from Frankfurt and let you know about the first leg of the trip. Right now, I’m so tired in preparing for the trip, it is likely that I will fall asleep very shortly after take off. If I haven’t packed it all by now, then it either isn’t coming along or I can purchase whatever it is I’ve forgotten when I get there

On the way to the airport (a good hour from where I live) my cell phone rang like crazy with family and friendscn saying good bye and wishing for a safe journey. All is going to be great.  Getting ready for take off ~

Talk to you again when I arrive in Frankfurt!

love to all,

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