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When we no longer see
war, murder, rape,
rapacity and corruption,
hunger and theft,
angst and empty pockets,
disease and death…
as scenes on television~
something which we can
mindlessly and simply
change the channel…

When we can say the words
‘Sorry for your loss’
as something more
than a cluster of vacant
phonetic sounds…

When we are able to stare
into the abyss of agony,
and feel the pain of others,
as the bile rises
into our collective throats …

When we can step inside
the chests of mothers, fathers
brothers and sisters,
aunts and uncles
and the anesthetic
of self wears off….

When our eyes widen
with an electric jolt
and our synapses fire
and jump at the senselessness
and apathy of living as me…
only then can we regain
our amazing state of grace…

And only when our courage
grows greater
than our greed
and state of fear,
will the vast absence residing
in the hole of hate
refill itself
with that which we are born~

Repetition of good intentions
will lose their hollow echoes,
when our actions outside
the cathedrals, mosques
and synagogues on the Sabbath
follow us beyond those doors~

Then we will penetrate
each other’s souls
and sense the warmth
of one’s hand
inside another’s
and know
divine connection
with a vibrant shiver.

nannette rogers kennedy
January 2012

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