Peaceful Sheep

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One day while in Portugal for the Humanity’s Team Global Council Meeting (we stayed on a farm) I saw this fine sheep. It was raining. I could only think of two things when I saw this lovely animal. The first thing I thought of was the movie “Babe” where Babe meets Ma for the first time and says, “My what a strong, sturdy face you have.” And the second thing I thought about was why don’t sheep shrink when their wool gets wet ~
photo taken in Portugal, May 2012 

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Ewe on the Loose

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This sheep had some how escaped the fenced in area at the farm where I stayed in Portugal last week. I was very, very, very close to it…maybe 6 feet. While looking through the lens and snapping this picture, I had a flashback from about 25+ years ago when I was backpacking through the Canadian Rockies. I was standing extremely close to several beautiful and large mountain goats. There were at least thirty or so other people standing around looking at these impressive climbers and taking pictures, myself included. Apparently, I’d gotten just a little to close to one of the kids, as through the lens of my camera I could see an adult goat, with head down and horns aimed in my direction.

I think this was one of my first real experiences of “fight or flight.” Embarrassingly, and out of my control, I turned and ran right over a woman standing behind me. Thankfully, she was not injured, and she explained to me that she was turning to run at the same second herself…we actually laughed about it after we pulled ourselves back together. And great thanks that the goat didn’t ram anyone…so as this memory was floating through my mind while taking the picture, I decided to back up from this “loose” ewe, just in case.

nannette rogers kennedy
May 2012
photograph of ewe May 2012, Portugal
photograph of mountain goat, June 1983, Alberta, Canada 

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