Miracle~Out of Kyrgyzstan

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CIMG2289Two weeks ago my oldest son’s girlfriend flew with the Peace Corps to Kyrgyzstan to stay for two years. Over the last week my son’s girlfriend has been feeling very uneasy about being in Kyrgyzstan, not feeling well and sensing that she wanted to come home to the United States. Two nights ago she spoke with her supervisor and said she wanted to return home. Last night (US time), my son’s girlfriend arrived in Istanbul, Turkey from Kyrgyzstan. While those of us in the US slept last night, violence broke out in Kyrgyzstan in the town where my son’s girlfriend had been and many people were killed and hundred’s injured. My son’s girlfriend is presently in the air on her way home to Colorado where she will land at 8pm this evening. Nothing happens without reason.

While I’m saddened by the loss of life in Kyrgyzstan, I am so grateful that my son’s girlfriend is safe.


Now watch the video of my son, Michael, picking up Brandie, his girlfriend from the airport~Happy Ending out of Kyrgyzstan

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