The Path I Choose

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The path I choose
is draped
with lush tall trees~
magical green.
Pine permeates the air~
I breathe in nature.
The path whispers,
“Come walk with me.”
I step on to the soft earth,
listen to the connection
my bare feet make,
feel the cool
spongy moss.
I pause,
drop my head back,
raise my arms
honor the forest’s majesty,
its tunnel of foliage protecting me.
“Here your thoughts are crisp, relaxed,” the path says.
“I am your friend
you may share all with me
I shall love you unconditionally.”
A cranberry cardinal,
flies ahead;
an orchard oriole
glides past;
then a bright lemon warbler
lights the way.
Clumps of fern
line the trail,
sway slightly
with a soft breeze,
waving me along.
High timbers creak
in the wind overhead.
Each stride forward,
alters my perspective
from the step before.
I walk with purpose,
invited by the point
that appears
as the end of the path.
I continue one foot
in front of other
meeting and re-meeting
the soft dirt~
it seems the end-point
is not within reach
I realize,
it is not about arrival,
but rather
about the embrace
of each step
along the way.

nannette kennedy
April 4, 2011

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Fingertip to Fingertip

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Pillar2-Supernatural-GodCreates-Man-Sistine-ChapelOn a ceiling
in Florence
reaches for fingertip
to unclothe
the Divine Encounter.

Upon contact
faces evolve
and unwittingly
their identities.

Hands cease
and meet sweet
Palm to Palm ~
a mirror

In an unmarked
passageway, Time
dissolves in the Disappearance
of the Self.

And in an instant
a whisper in the Soul
bursts the notion of
“I” and “alone.”

Absolute awe
washes the mind
and at once
that just as White
foaming Waves
cannot separate from the Sea
neither can the Soul
uncouple itself from God.

extend for the contact
to reveal and translate
the Divine Encounter:
We are One.

nannette rogers kennedy

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