Garage Sales & Pumpkins

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Thinking about a garage sale, endearingly coined “The Crap Castle” that I had several years ago…a friend of mine, one of the funniest people I have ever met, was selling some of her things at this garage sale. During a “slow” part of the sale, my friend had gone into the house for coffee. When she returned, the sale had become very busy and she was wearing an adult sized pumpkin costume. Naturally, I laughed. She walked up to me while I was speaking with a “customer” and said, (dressed in her orange gourd regalia) “For fifty dollars I will go to the grocery store in this outfit and ask where the pie shells are.” She walked away sipping her coffee and the customer and I laughed until we cried. Then the customer bought the pumpkin costume for more money than what we wanted for it…sweet smiling memory ~

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