Vanishing Points, 2013

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Vanishing Points

Driving down a two-lane stretch
of flat and carless highway,
black winds and indigo clouds
slow dance before me~
night visiting the day.
In my rear view mirror
it looks no different~
vanishing points
in both directions.

On the left side
of the road
stand leaning
and weathered
fence posts guarding
dry and unplowed
fields of hay.
Deer, antelope, cattle and horses
hide in wide
open places
I do not see.

Telephone poles
border the other side
and wires sag
from once-upon-a-tree
to once-upon-a-tree
carrying conversations
I cannot hear.
I ride along with them
to the horizon line.

Out of nowhere flies
a whistling meadowlark~
a splash of yellow
in the dark
singing a song of note,
reminding me
I am not alone.

I am here.

nannette rogers kennedy 2013

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