Awaits You…

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Your eyes~
squinted tight
only open
as a vandalized
and camouflaged slit
in a century~
old cemetery fence.

Your mind~
solidly sealed
so closed
as the inside of an iron,
and forgotten
solitary-confine door.

Your heart~
hardened hard
with ignorant hate
wasting away
in effort
to beat clotted vitriol
through your veins
instead of blood.

Your hands~
fisted for fight,
arthritic with fear,
paralyze into claws
as you clench a newborn
in your arms~
you too exhausted to embrace.

Your mouth~
stiff from rapacious
words drooling
from a dark
canyon within.
“Nigger lover, Communist,”
you scream at me
and deliver a blow to the hood of my car.
You inject your tabula rasa infant
with malignant malevolence.

Do unto others.
Teach your children well.
Try your sails with the winds of a softer heart,
not with the gales and gusts
of uneducated and untamed terror.

A vast sea, not void of storms,
but also filled with infinite peaceful waters awaits you.

A boundless ocean, not without predators,
but also graced with the dance of dolphins awaits you.

Awaits you…

nannette rogers kennedy
november 2012

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Teach our Children Well

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I don’t normally quote my 16 year old son, Casey Kennedy, but I definitely think this is worth the repost from his facebook page. We are all trying to teach our children well. The following words are from my son:

honestly, it doesn’t matter how Osama or Usama’s name is spelled. HE IS DEAD. get over it. i’m saying i’m glad that that man can’t do any more destruction, but i’m not saying that i’m glad that another human is dead and that people are celebrating it. Do NOT comment with any negativity towards this message. i will delete. :)

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