Casey’s first day of his senior year ~

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2013 ~ Bittersweet…my youngest begins his first day of his senior year! All those years whirred right by!

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South African Caves

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2013 ~ In the spring of 2009 I had the incredible and fabulous opportunity to visit South Africa. The safaris, the wandering free leopards, elephants, lions, giraffes and many more animals that I’d only before seen in photos or zoos were moments of wonder…the safaris, along with the people and its history, literally changed me and South Africa grabbed part of my soul…

One experience however, woke me up to the fact that caves are not for me…at one point our group crawled on hands and knees through a very narrow passage…in front of my was a woman I did not know…in this teeny tiny tunnel, this woman decided to stop. It was beyond my control…I took my hand and shoved her rear end and firmly asked her to keep moving…once out, she shared with me that she had just done the same thing to a person in front of her…we got a good laugh out of the whole thing and both of us made a vow that this cave “tour” was our last : )

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God’s Eye Sunset

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God’s Eye Sunset 12-12-12

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Be Still

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Be still.
Hear your heart,
listen to that which gives you bliss,
behold the course that the soul sails easily,
follow this path and breathe
with the thunder of tides ~

nannette rogers kennedy
October 2012
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Day Two of the Fire in Northern Colorado

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2012 ~ The wild fires continue on. In an article I read this morning, the cause of the fire is unknown…yesterday I’d heard that it was a controlled burn out of control…apparently that is not known at this time. One thing for certain is that the air here, is filled with smoke. I took this picture of the sun this morning around 8am ~ let’s think rain ~

To read about the fire:

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Moment of Nostalgia

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Eight years old,
I lie in my bed,
the first gray light
of a snow-covered
January morning
breaks through
my window
with a new
about life.

My father
now resides
in my heart
and the world
I know trembles
in thoughts
of losing
my mother too.

She realizes
and feels
my horror
and quietly
my mother
slips into bed
beside me
pulls up
warm blankets
around us
and whispers
“We will
be alright.
I promise.”

nannette rogers kennedy June 2012
photo by nannette 

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Cloud Magic

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Remember to look up ~ mystery and magic dance in the sky as well as on the ground ♥

Photograph taken in Fort Collins, Colorado June 2012
Photograph and quote by nannette rogers kennedy

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Push the Foliage Aside

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Sometimes you have to move the foliage aside to find the beauty ~

Photograph taken in Portugal, May 2012
Quote & photograph ~ nannette rogers kennedy


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You fear me.
I fear you.

Walk with me~
and tell me
a story
from your heart~
Share your greatest sorrow;
share your fondest joy.

I will walk with you
and tell you
a story
from my heart~
I will share my greatest sorrow;
I will share my fondest joy.

Then perhaps
you love a part of me
and I love a part of you~

Worth the risk,
I think.

nannette rogers kennedy
May 2012

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Honey & Piper

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The first day my granddaughter was old enough to repeat words, she began calling her grandpa (my husband), “Honey.” It is the sweetest and most endearing name for a grandpa. She heard me call to my husband and I call him “Honey.” From that day on, Piper calls him Honey. “Hi Honey.” “Where’s Honey?” etc. Here Honey and Piper, two peas in a pod, fall asleep while watching TV.


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