Anela en Rouge

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2013 ~ Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I’m so excited to share with you all this beautiful short film (18 minutes), Anela en Rouge, that is the story of me coming full circle in recovering from the death of my mother, and how my mother promises to stay in contact with me after death. The story speaks to all mothers and daughters. Cara Myers is the producer of the film. Anthony Ladesich (also my brother) is the director of photography. Several film festivals selected and showed the film. I promise you will love Anela en Rouge. Beginning today the film is open to the public! Please share with all you know. (to all my mother’s children and grandchildren, too)

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Divinity Dances & Soars

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When I see things like this, I always pause and think: How can anyone not believe in a higher power?

Below is from the article, “The Startling Science of a Starling Murmuration” by Brandon Keimon
………What makes possible the uncanny coordination of these murmurations, as starling flocks are so beautifully known? Until recently, it was hard to say. Scientists had to wait for the tools of high-powered video analysis and computational modeling. And when these were finally applied to starlings, they revealed patterns known less from biology than cutting-edge physics.

Starling flocks, it turns out, are best described with equations of “critical transitions” — systems that are poised to tip, to be almost instantly and completely transformed, like metals becoming magnetized or liquid turning to gas. Each starling in a flock is connected to every other. When a flock turns in unison, it’s a phase transition.

At the individual level, the rules guiding this are relatively simple. When a neighbor moves, so do you. Depending on the flock’s size and speed and its members’ flight physiologies, the large-scale pattern changes. What’s complicated, or at least unknown, is how criticality is created and maintained.

It’s easy for a starling to turn when its neighbor turns — but what physiological mechanisms allow it to happen almost simultaneously in two birds separated by hundreds of feet and hundreds of other birds? That remains to be discovered, and the implications extend beyond birds. Starlings may simply be the most visible and beautiful example of a biological criticality that also seems to operate in proteins and neurons, hinting at universal principles yet to be understood.

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Free Hugs Boulder~Colorado Humanity’s Team~10th Anniversary of 9/11 2011

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Want to feel unconditional love? Hold a Free Hugs sign in your hand ~

My daughter Mary, her daughter Piper and my son Casey met three friends on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. We gave and received 800 hugs combined in two and a half hours.  Mary came up with the idea of the Free Hugs on 9-11-11 ~ I love my family ~

The song is by my friends “Truth on Earth” ~ Thank you Tess, Kiley and Serena
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Absolute Clarity

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This video is VERY powerful.  The video was filmed during the Joplin, Missouri Tornado just over a week ago. The video was on the news the day after the tornado and just as the different stations warned viewers about the intensity of this video, I warn you that this is NOT something for small children or those who may be very uncomfortable “witnessing” the chaotic moments in this video.  I will say, there is one moment of absolute clarity from the young man who filmed the video. You don’t see much, but it is what you hear, what your heart feels ~ a Oneness.

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Do or Do Not. There is no Try~

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Listen to the Children

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A Dance with Casey

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Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

One night when my now 15 yr old son was 6 or 7 we we’re having dinner, just us, when Dixie Chicks song “Godspeed” came on the radio~Casey stood next to me at the table and put his hand out and asked me if he could have this dance. We danced all around the living room & when the song ended, he said to me, “Mom, when I am a very old man, I will never forget this dance with you in the living room.” I held him close & cried with joy. If you have a son, please give this song a listen~I love you Casey~

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