A Letter to Today, by Casey Kennedy, 2013

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Beautiful…and I’m proud to say that this was written by my son, Casey Kennedy.

A Letter to Today
by Casey Kennedy


Dear Today,

“How was I?” The day had asked.

“Very well, although I think it may be time you passed.”

Tears started to pool within his eyes.

“But why? We had so much fun together…”

I nodded and looked up to the sky.

Silence between the both of us was… overwhelming.

“If I stayed with you, I wouldn’t be able to go forward…I don’t want to live in the past, you see. I want to live in the present.”

Today’s face filled with dread..

After a short time a smile began to break his stone hard face.

I looked into Todays’ eyes and said, “I love you. Without you life can’t go on. That’s why it is time for you to sleep yourself away, and awake, Tomorrow.”

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