A Dance with Casey

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Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

One night when my now 15 yr old son was 6 or 7 we we’re having dinner, just us, when Dixie Chicks song “Godspeed” came on the radio~Casey stood next to me at the table and put his hand out and asked me if he could have this dance. We danced all around the living room & when the song ended, he said to me, “Mom, when I am a very old man, I will never forget this dance with you in the living room.” I held him close & cried with joy. If you have a son, please give this song a listen~I love you Casey~

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7 Responses to “A Dance with Casey”

  1. Iris Arenosn-Fuller Says:

    Nice post and very meaningful. Thanks.

  2. nannette rogers kennedy Says:

    Thank you, Iris ~ it will always be such a precious memory~nannette

  3. Donnette Davis Says:

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing ♥♥

  4. nannette rogers kennedy Says:

    Thanks, Donnette ~ Now if I could figure out how to get my pic to show up ~ sometimes I technologically challenged ~ love you! nannette

  5. RevMomma/Rosanne Says:


    Thank you. As the mother of an only boy – fabulous story. I remember the days of dancing around the house – such fun times. What a great memory.

  6. nannette rogers kennedy Says:

    Thank you, Rosanne ~ this is one of my most favorite centering thoughts when I’m feeling off center ~ And your sweet boy reminds me in many ways of Casey ~ pure of heart 99% of the time ~

  7. Санек Says:

    Всем Доброго утра! Вот это меня улыбнуло!!!!

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