Fifty Sutchers of Gratitude

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Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul~Henry Ward Beecher

Thanks to everyone who has been sending prayers and thoughts our way. As some of you know my 17 year old son, Casey, was riding his bicycle to work on Friday morning and was hit by a car. The great news is that Casey will make a full recovery. He knows how blessed he is to be alive, have his brain still in order and that he has not lost any limbs and has no spinal injury. He has over 50 stitches in his face, two teeth on the upper right side of his face are jammed up into his cheek bone, which broke the cheek bone, he has a concussion, his left knee is seriously bruised, and he is fairly well covered with road rash from head to toe.

The accident was actually Casey’s fault and the man that hit him was only going 15 miles an hour (another thing for which to be grateful). The man that hit Casey came to the hospital during the 8 hours of emergency room treatment to make sure Casey was doing ok. Casey managed to tell me that he wanted to hug the man for not leaving the scene of the accident. I met the man, who had tears in his eyes, while standing in the emergency room waiting area. I told him that Casey was going to be fine and that Casey wanted to give him a hug, but that I’d have to deliver the hug. I hugged the man and we both cried….

While this event has been an extraordinary ordeal, Casey, myself and the rest of our family are very aware of how blessed we are. We are very grateful for all the ongoing prayers….thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you God.

And thank you, Dee Meyer for helping me keep people updated ♥

Much love and gratitude,
nannette, Casey and family

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