Where Do We Start?

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First we cry.
Then we hold on
to one another
for the help
of continuing
to stand.


Not unlike the first
piece of rubble
picked up after
NYC’s twin towers came down…

Not unlike the first
chunk of cement
removed after
the earthquakes
in Japan and Haiti…

Not unlike the first
bags of water
helicopters dropped
on the 2012 wildfires…

Not unlike the first
boards and walls
pulled away after
the Joplin tornado…

we begin with reaching
for the first
downed branch
floating dish
passing chair
ruined & cherished photos
old family paintings
& worn letters
yellowed baby books &
black & white home movies
and so much more
that hurricane Sandy
stole and blew away
with the ease
of a breath…

We begin again.
That’s who we are.
We human beings
refuse to remain

nannette rogers kennedy
October 30 2012

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2 Responses to “Where Do We Start?”

  1. Karen Case Says:


    The poem you wrote, “By Chance”, is so beautiful. I love the story and believe that the painting found its way back home with the help of your father. I have a Roland Rogers water color painting. I am not sure if it is your father’s or not. I would like to take a picture and send it to you to verify if it is or not. Would that be possible?

    Thank you for your time,

    Karen Case

  2. nannette rogers kennedy Says:

    Karen I would love to connect…sent you an email. If you’d like to email me: nannette.kennedy@humanitysteam.org ~ looking forward. nannette

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