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Sometimes when we get down or stressed, something as simple as a quick happy memory can lift us up…one of my memories that is a fast way to make me smile is a memory of of when I was five years old.

I was visiting my grandmother and her brother, my great uncle Fred, his wife, my Aunt Eileen, my Aunt Nancy and my great-grandmother in western Pennsylvania. I’d woken up earlier than everyone else in the old farmhouse, gotten dressed and gone into the kitchen ~ I was looking in the refrigerator when my Uncle Fred came into the room.

“You won’t find anything exciting in there, I’m afraid,” he said.

I closed the refrigerator and then Uncle Fred picked me up and placed me on the kitchen counter. He leaned close to me, put one hand on either side of me and said, “If you could have anything in the whole wide world today, what would you want?”

Was he kidding? Anything? I thought and thought and thought. Finally, I said, “If I could have anything in the whole wide world today, I’d want hotdogs for breakfast.”

Uncle Fred lifted me off the counter, pulled his car keys out of his pocket and jingled them close to my face. “Hotdogs for breakfast it is. Let’s go.”

Off we went to a diner where I indulged upon my hotdog breakfast, me, believing this was the most amazing and unbelievable thing I’d ever done in my whole life…thank you Uncle Fred for the memory that I will always hold dear.

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