Casey Kennedy’s audition for Carnegie Hall

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2013 ~ Keep in mind, only the audio goes to Carnegie ~


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Casey Kennedy nominated to sing at Carnegie Hall

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GREAT News for Casey Kennedy ~ This mother has tears in her eyes. Just received this:

Dear Casey Kennedy,

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you have been nominated by Patrice Burgstahler for the 2014 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall. You are being recognized with this honor and Carnegie Hall performance opportunity as a result of your demonstrated musical accomplishments…..


The High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall

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Casey’s first day of his senior year ~

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2013 ~ Bittersweet…my youngest begins his first day of his senior year! All those years whirred right by!

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Anela en Rouge

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2013 ~ Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I’m so excited to share with you all this beautiful short film (18 minutes), Anela en Rouge, that is the story of me coming full circle in recovering from the death of my mother, and how my mother promises to stay in contact with me after death. The story speaks to all mothers and daughters. Cara Myers is the producer of the film. Anthony Ladesich (also my brother) is the director of photography. Several film festivals selected and showed the film. I promise you will love Anela en Rouge. Beginning today the film is open to the public! Please share with all you know. (to all my mother’s children and grandchildren, too)

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A Letter to Today, by Casey Kennedy, 2013

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Beautiful…and I’m proud to say that this was written by my son, Casey Kennedy.

A Letter to Today
by Casey Kennedy


Dear Today,

“How was I?” The day had asked.

“Very well, although I think it may be time you passed.”

Tears started to pool within his eyes.

“But why? We had so much fun together…”

I nodded and looked up to the sky.

Silence between the both of us was… overwhelming.

“If I stayed with you, I wouldn’t be able to go forward…I don’t want to live in the past, you see. I want to live in the present.”

Today’s face filled with dread..

After a short time a smile began to break his stone hard face.

I looked into Todays’ eyes and said, “I love you. Without you life can’t go on. That’s why it is time for you to sleep yourself away, and awake, Tomorrow.”

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Fifty Sutchers of Gratitude

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Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul~Henry Ward Beecher

Thanks to everyone who has been sending prayers and thoughts our way. As some of you know my 17 year old son, Casey, was riding his bicycle to work on Friday morning and was hit by a car. The great news is that Casey will make a full recovery. He knows how blessed he is to be alive, have his brain still in order and that he has not lost any limbs and has no spinal injury. He has over 50 stitches in his face, two teeth on the upper right side of his face are jammed up into his cheek bone, which broke the cheek bone, he has a concussion, his left knee is seriously bruised, and he is fairly well covered with road rash from head to toe.

The accident was actually Casey’s fault and the man that hit him was only going 15 miles an hour (another thing for which to be grateful). The man that hit Casey came to the hospital during the 8 hours of emergency room treatment to make sure Casey was doing ok. Casey managed to tell me that he wanted to hug the man for not leaving the scene of the accident. I met the man, who had tears in his eyes, while standing in the emergency room waiting area. I told him that Casey was going to be fine and that Casey wanted to give him a hug, but that I’d have to deliver the hug. I hugged the man and we both cried….

While this event has been an extraordinary ordeal, Casey, myself and the rest of our family are very aware of how blessed we are. We are very grateful for all the ongoing prayers….thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you God.

And thank you, Dee Meyer for helping me keep people updated ♥

Much love and gratitude,
nannette, Casey and family

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Free Hugs Boulder~Colorado Humanity’s Team~10th Anniversary of 9/11 2011

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Want to feel unconditional love? Hold a Free Hugs sign in your hand ~

My daughter Mary, her daughter Piper and my son Casey met three friends on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. We gave and received 800 hugs combined in two and a half hours.  Mary came up with the idea of the Free Hugs on 9-11-11 ~ I love my family ~

The song is by my friends “Truth on Earth” ~ Thank you Tess, Kiley and Serena
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Dead as a Doornail

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Did you ever wonder from where certain phrases come (English in this case)?  How is a doornail dead?

There’s a reference to “dead as a doornail” in print as early as 1350 and Shakespeare used it in King Henry VI, Part 2, 1592:


Brave thee! ay, by the best blood that ever was
broached, and beard thee too. Look on me well: I
have eat no meat these five days; yet, come thou and
thy five men, and if I do not leave you all as dead
as a doornail
, I pray God I may never eat grass more.

Definition of Dead as a doornail: Unquestionably dead. Used for both inanimate objects and once living beings.

I picked up the phone, but the line was dead as a doornail.
We finally found John’s cat run over in the next road. It was as dead as a doornail.

Possible origination: Doornails are the large-headed studs that were used in earlier times for strength and more recently as decoration. The practice was to hammer the nail through and then bend over the protruding end to secure it. This process, similar to riveting, was called clenching. This may be the source of the ‘deadness’, as such a nail would be unusable afterwards.

Who knew?

Thanks Casey (my 16 year old son) for this interesting factoid! Very interesting!

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A Dance with Casey

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Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

One night when my now 15 yr old son was 6 or 7 we we’re having dinner, just us, when Dixie Chicks song “Godspeed” came on the radio~Casey stood next to me at the table and put his hand out and asked me if he could have this dance. We danced all around the living room & when the song ended, he said to me, “Mom, when I am a very old man, I will never forget this dance with you in the living room.” I held him close & cried with joy. If you have a son, please give this song a listen~I love you Casey~

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Serendipity (part 2)

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continued from yesterday

Over the next five years I read and reread this book and another Wayne Dyer book, The Power of Intention. I purchased the CD’s of both books and listened to them so much that I actually had to replace them both. I made back-ups so that I wouldn’t go broke replacing them. I have introduced so many to people to these books and CDs that I’ve been asked if I work for Wayne Dyer. My pat answer, “I work for God, as does Wayne Dyer.”

So last spring, I finally made the decision to attend a Wayne Dyer lecture. I’d first chosen the October Wayne Dyer conference in Dallas. For a myriad of “everything happens for a reason” reasons, I ended up changing my reservations to see Dr. Dyer in Scottsdale this past November.

I need to backtrack a bit and add some history here to demonstrate the synchronicities which occurred prior to my arrival in Scottsdale. In August of 2003, I moved my then 8 year old son, fifteen year old daughter and myself from Fort Collins, Colorado to Kansas City, Missouri to care for my dying best friend, my mother. It is a decision I will never regret. My mother lived just short of a year after our arrival. Six weeks later we were preparing to return home to Colorado when my son was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease which caused us to stay on for another year in Kansas City. My young son was on 70 mg a day of prednisone for seven months—a fate, in hindsight, worse than the disorder itself—and the doctors told me the next step was chemotherapy. What put my son on the road to recovery was him talking to his kidneys and demanding that they heal and me deciding to wean him off this terrible drug. He believed that if Wayne Dyer’s daughter could get rid of a chronic skin condition by talking to her “bumps” (p94, Spiritual Solutions) then he (along with prayer) could make his kidneys well. He has been in remission for several months now. During this extended and unplanned medical stay in Kansas City, is when I decided that I would somehow or another see Wayne Dyer in person. I needed a live “Wayne Dyer” fix, as it were, to get myself back into the spiritual swing of things.

Just before moving back to Colorado this past October, I ran an estate sale for my mother’s possessions, going through every closet, piece of paper, file, drawer, box, etc., in her seventeen room home to separate the seed from the chaff. This experience in and of itself is one I don’t care to do again, but the actual selling of the family home of forty years was one of the sadder good byes I ever made.

While I am the oldest of my mother’s six children, I was the only one who did not permanently reside in the Kansas City area. Therefore, the trustee and executor of the estate fell into the lap of my brother—the next eldest. Quite unfortunately, my brother is an alcoholic, and consequently, has not dealt well with the death of my mother, the selling of her belongings or ultimately the family home. In a nutshell, there were many disagreements over the handling and sale of our family home. This caused a major division of the family—something none of us foresaw at all. For my part, I was deeply hurt through words, actions, and seemingly complete disregard for the fact that I uprooted myself and my family, not only with the intention of caring for my mother, but also of making sure we all stayed as close as we’d always been despite any familial “dysfunctions.” In the end, I left Kansas City, angry and prepared to never speak to half of the family, particularly my brother and my godmother, again.

November finally arrived, and my fiancé and I could hardly wait to get to Arizona to see Wayne Dyer and several other inspirational speakers at a conference called “Celebrate your Life.” We also looked forward to a much needed respite away from family trauma/drama. Three days before we left, my laptop computer caught a heinous virus—I’m a writer and, silly as though it may sound, I wondered how I would survive the Celebrate your Life conference without my laptop—the repairman told me it was highly unlikely that he could get it up and running before my departure date for Arizona. Pens and a pad of paper would have to do—I somehow suspected the world wouldn’t end without a laptop.

Two days before we were to leave, the woman who was supposed to take care of my seventeen year old daughter while I was away, had a death in the family and could no longer help us out (my daughter has been struggling with drugs/alcohol and the law, and could not stay home unattended). I called my ex-husband out of state and asked him to please come up and stay with the kids. I re-explained how long I’d been planning this event. I reminded him that previously he assured me he would help out if anything fell through. He could not come. I became furious. He doesn’t work and has the means to get to Colorado. I picked up the phone, called the airport and bought an expensive instant airline ticket for my daughter. I was not going to miss this event. I needed to take care of myself for a change—as is suggested by all airlines, I needed to put the oxygen mask on myself first so I could then help those around me.

The night before we left for Scottsdale, the computer repairman showed up at my door with my fixed laptop. Delighted at this surprise, I placed it next to my luggage and smiled at how things worked out.

part 3 tomorrow

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