Black & White

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2013 ~ Last night around 8:30pm I walk past my daughter’s & granddaughter’s room (they share a room) and I do a double take. Piper (4 years old) is packing all of her belongings. I ask her what she is doing. She says “Mom and I are going to visit uncle Mikey Kennedy tomorrow.” So I ask Mary Kennedy, my daughter about this and she says “No. That’s not right.” Piper, being completely packed, becomes frustrated with her mother. I go into my room and am not really paying attention until I hear things being dragged into my room. “Piper, what are you doing?” I ask. Piper says, “I’m mad at Mommy so I’m moving in with you.” (Across the hall).

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The Swing

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On a play
ground, not grounded
at all, two sisters lean
into the air and swing
higher, higher.

Their children
toggle monkey bars
across the way
falling into soft cedar
before making it to
the other side.

The two sisters
stare off
at the pink sunset~
a subtle warning
that night
will surely come.

One sister whispers
to the other
What do you want to be
when you grow up?

Their children
climb the ladder
to the slide
and let go, laughing
to the end
to begin again.

Back and forth.
Up and down.
Rise and fall.
Quiet pain
of two sisters
on swings
mourning in early evening
their mother’s

July 2004

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Teach our Children Well

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I don’t normally quote my 16 year old son, Casey Kennedy, but I definitely think this is worth the repost from his facebook page. We are all trying to teach our children well. The following words are from my son:

honestly, it doesn’t matter how Osama or Usama’s name is spelled. HE IS DEAD. get over it. i’m saying i’m glad that that man can’t do any more destruction, but i’m not saying that i’m glad that another human is dead and that people are celebrating it. Do NOT comment with any negativity towards this message. i will delete. :)

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Answering those awkward or difficult questions~

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February 16, 2011
Over twenty years ago a dear friend of mine’s niece, Nora (then 5 years old) went to her mother with a pretty big question.  “Mom, what is a bidet?”

Nora’s mother swallowed, took a deep breath and began.  “Well, Nora a bidet is something people sit on.  I think the French invented it.  It kind of looks like a toilet, but water flows up to your private parts to make sure you are clean.  It’s about hygiene really.  And hygiene means making sure your hair is not greasy, that your fingernails are not dirty.”  Nora’s mother nervously began to wash the dishes in the sink.  “A bidet is kind of like a very small bath tub.  Yes, a bath tub.  And for some reason here in the United States most people don’t have them in their homes.  Europeans, Europe is across the ocean, by the way, have them everywhere.  Your father and I stayed in a hotel in France that had one.”

Nora looked like a deer in the headlights.  Nora’s mother squatted down to be eye to eye with her.  “Honey, what made you asked about the bidet, anyway?”

Nora took her mother by the hand and pointed to the calendar.  “It says Grandma’s Bday right there.”

Thankfully, I heard this story before having my own children.  I’ve never forgotten it and I’ve learned that you ask this question first, “Why do you want to know?”  It has saved me on more than one occasion from offering way too much information for the question intended.

Another very dear friend of mine says that I do this with her ~ I suppose it is a short cut to make sure one understands what is being asked.

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Listen to the Children

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