Does the tooth fairy know where I am?

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2013 ~ Just came across this pic from 1982 with my brother, Tony Ladesich (10 years old at the time). He spent the summer with me in Colorado that year…during that stay, Tony asked me, “Do you think the tooth fairy will know where to find me?” I looked at him, “Why?” In a very matter of fact tone, Tony answered, “Cause I have a loose tooth and I could really use the cash.” The tooth fairy did indeed locate Tony and awarded him with a bonus: this fish.

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First Turtle, 2013

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On my way home from a trying time at the bank, I looked over at City Park lake and saw my first two turtles of the season…interesting, water all around them and they look dusty and dry….yet enjoying their time in the sun :) gratitude

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Sunsets and trees…my favorites are these ~ 2013

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