Donations sought for flood relief

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2013 ~ The below story is about my dear friend, Dee Meyer.  To say the last couple of days have been rough is to put it very mildly.  The photograph of Dee’s rental home below is only a few minutes before the house literally washed away.  I’m here for you, Dee, in all ways.


From Gering Citizen, Gering, Nebraska

The home of Dee Meyer and her 14-year-old daughter Andi, just minutes before it was swept away by the James Creek last Thursday. The Meyers lost everything but their three dogs.
JAMESTOWN, Colo – Jamestown, Colo. resident Dee Meyer‘s home and all of her possessions were carried away by the swollen James Creek last Thursday. The picturesque mountain town of Jamestown, near Lyons, was once home to 1,000 people. Only 25 residents remain. Nothing is left of the town’s historical buildings and most residences are completely destroyed.

Thousands in Colorado have been affected with similar circumstances. They have lost everything and have no toothbrush, socks, scissors, clothing, beds, bedding, kitchen supplies, appliances, etc. The loss of everyday items is devastating, to say nothing about the things that are not replaceable.

To assist with the immediate needs of flood victims in Colorado and Nebraska, three area businesses and local schools are working to collect donations of water and non-perishable food items for the relief of flood victims.

Donations may be delivered to the Union Bar in Gering, and to Bluffs Broadcasting in Scottsbluff. Once collected, NTC will transport the donations to needed areas. For more information, call Mitzi Cawthra at Bluffs Broadcasting, (308) 632-5667.

A fund has been set up to collect money to help Dee and Andi Meyer get back on their feet. Although they had renter’s insurance, flooding was not part of the coverage.
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The Memory Power of a Chocolate Hostess Cupcake

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Just this morning, I am grateful for my friend Dee Meyer, again ~ we were on hold for a conference call, when we started discussing Hostess possibly going out of business…then we chatted about the fact that as adults we cannot remember buying twinkies, ho-hos, snoballs, etc. It was then that I shared a powerful memory I have as a child and Hostess Cupcakes.

I was 8 years old when my biological father took just me to Sunday Mass on this particular Sunday. After Mass, we went over to a drug store breakfast counter. Daddy ordered us both coffee (mine mostly milk). I was on cloud nine to have my father all to myself (I was the oldest of four children at that time.) My father asked me what I’d like for breakfast. I wanted the package of the chocolate Hostess cupcakes (my mother would have never approved of this choice~love you, mom, despite the lack of junk food in my life :) ). While waiting for cupcakes to arrive, my father held open the newspaper and I modeled his behavior by opening the comics. The cupcakes arrived and my father asked me if he could have one. To which I said, “No. I want to take the other in my lunchbox tomorrow.”

Four months later my father died from a 9 year battle with cancer. That morning, when the news finally sunk in that my father was dead, I ran to my mother, “I’d do anything to give Daddy that cupcake.” For years, I had that thought.

Well, as Dee and I continued to chat on this phone conference where no one else ever showed up…Dee said, “It’s never too late. Put one of those cupcakes on his grave.”

“Oh my God, Dee. I’ve never thought about that. Thank you.”

Seriously, Dee, thank you…

And I learned some years back that my father was not sitting on a cloud judging me, but at the same time, this offering of the cupcake to him feels like a wonderful healing gesture.

Ah the beauty of a good friend and a conference call where no one showed up but that good friend ♥

nannette rogers kennedy
November 21, 2012

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Look Up

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My friend, Dee Meyer and I are going to see if this question can catch on: “What else can go right?” After all, isn’t it true that many more good things happen in a day? Come on…count your EVERY blessing; look up and your whole perspective will change~ ♥

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