Peaceful Sheep

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One day while in Portugal for the Humanity’s Team Global Council Meeting (we stayed on a farm) I saw this fine sheep. It was raining. I could only think of two things when I saw this lovely animal. The first thing I thought of was the movie “Babe” where Babe meets Ma for the first time and says, “My what a strong, sturdy face you have.” And the second thing I thought about was why don’t sheep shrink when their wool gets wet ~
photo taken in Portugal, May 2012 

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Free Hugs Boulder~Colorado Humanity’s Team~10th Anniversary of 9/11 2011

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Want to feel unconditional love? Hold a Free Hugs sign in your hand ~

My daughter Mary, her daughter Piper and my son Casey met three friends on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. We gave and received 800 hugs combined in two and a half hours.  Mary came up with the idea of the Free Hugs on 9-11-11 ~ I love my family ~

The song is by my friends “Truth on Earth” ~ Thank you Tess, Kiley and Serena
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Language of our Hands

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I’ve always known that our hand gestures, both purposeful ones and “unconscious” ones, are a language unto themselves. While in Greece (May 11-25) at Humanity’s Team annual Global Council meeting, for whatever reason, I really began noticing hands~in paintings, statues, live people, etc. In this more focused attention toward hands, I came up with what I thought was a “new” positioning of the hands for meditating. In our meetings, we practiced this positioning of the hands.

<<HT Global Council Meeting Blessing for Shalini’s Birthday

The idea of the meaning of hand positions originally came to me from the Whirling Dervishes* (a couple of weeks before leaving for Greece). In the book The Whirling Dervishes by Shems Friedlander, the positions of the hands for the dance are explained:

The dervishes extend their arms, the right palm faces up and the left down. The energy from above enters through the right palm, passes through the body which is a visible channel, and, as this grace is universal, it passes through the left palm into the earth. With extended arms, the dervish embraces God (pg 91).

I had watched a video of this dance which mesmerized me. I learned from a friend that it takes great practice and time to accomplish this dance/meditation. Since I’m not (yet) able to spin in circles without the aid of motion sickness medication, I decided to stand still and position my hands in a similar fashion. Sometimes I position my right palm up and sometimes outward; I place my left palm towards the earth and sometimes to a person. Either way, this positioning of the hands is very powerful.

Now as I walked through many ancient sites and museums in Greece, I was drawn to the many statues which no longer had their hands.


When I looked at what was left of the arms of these statues, I noticed that the positions of the hands “could” have been in a similar position as to what I have been doing in my own meditations lately. This got me to thinking and researching hand positions…there is a plethora of information on this subject, but in general I’ve found that this is not such a “new” idea.

Though the left palm of Buddha faces up, the direction of the arm is down

<<The left hand of Christ in this painting appears to be touching the earth

I have one of those minds that just wants to know….I’d love any and all thoughts on these NON exhaustive thoughts….

In any case, the one hand up and the other down to the earth, is a powerful stance ~ try it and you will see~



*Whirling Dervishes (also known as The Mevlevi Order) are a Sufi order founded in Konya (in present-day Turkey) by the followers of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, Islamic jurist, and theologian.

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Gratitude in Advance

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has~Margaret Mead

Tomorrow, December 31 is the last day for tax deductible donations for 2010 ~

I volunteer for Humanity’s Team and need help in funding to attend the Annual Humanity’s Team Global Council Meeting May 2011. To donate now please go to! and be sure to place in the “In honor of” area my name and email addresses as instructed.

Serving in Humanity’s Team Global position I am a dedicated and responsible Global Council member working 60+ hours each week. My participation in this Global meeting is critical for being part of the important decisions that will be made for Humanity’s Team upcoming year. Global Council meeting take place only once each year. It is imperative for me to be part of the discussions of our past year’s work. And finally during this annual face to face meeting with the other 35 to 40 global council members it is very important that my leadership and input focusing on global communications, sacred activism promotion and the Global Oneness Day task team, be part of the conversation at a global level. I lead or help lead these functions so if I am not present, the group cannot get to these topics.

I must raise $3,500 in a few short months. As some of you are making your end of the year deductions I am asking you to consider contributing to Humanity’s Team 501 (c) 3 (nonprofit) cause so that I may be present for this global meeting which will take place in May 2011 in Greece. An anonymous donor has agreed to match your donations up to 50% of the trip cost so your $5, $10, $20, $100 or $200 donation will go twice as far. Can you help?

Humanity’s Team is 100% reliant upon donations from generous people such as yourselves. In past meetings I have paid for my own flight, room & board costs (with no reimbursement). Without your help this year, I will not be able to attend this annual global meeting.

I am also seeking additional corporate sponsorships or a private donor sponsorships for matching donation programs.

Upon my return from Greece, I will happily share updates, activities, plans for Global Oneness Day 2011, other upcoming events, videos and photos.

To donate now, please go to and be sure to place in the “In honor of” area my name and email addresses as instructed.

With love and gratitude,

Nannette Kennedy

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Michael Beckwith, Archbishop Tutu, & Basketball?

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beckwithWritten last night…Randy, my husband, and I just got home from Michael Beckwith lecture. WOW x 10. I met him, gave him my Humanity’s Team (HT) card, and had written an invitation for him to join us in South Africa for the Oneness Summit…adding that I was coming from area of possibility. He was gracious, didn’t say yes or no, but put the business card with the information about Oneness Summit in his pocket.

Beckwith told us about the time he spent with Tutu last summer regarding a conference on slavery. While together, Beckwith & Tutu had joked about favorite basketball Teams as Tutu was wearing a Boston Celtics shirt (I’m not much into basketball–not only did Randy have to remind me of the teams, but also of the sport…I thought they were talking baseball…). Beckwith let Tutu know that that the Boston Celtics were not his team. Tutu let Beckwith know that the Boston Celtics were HIS team. Someone took their picture (with Tutu in his basketball shirt) and when Beckwith returned to the states, he photoshopped the picture and dressed Tutu in a LA Lakers shirt and sent it back to the Archbishop. Pretty funny.

Beckwith signed my book, namaste and we left…about five minutes spent with him. Just another day in paradise…He’s unbelievably inspiring…gospel style delivery, interactive, but all about Oneness and making our world a better place. Very compelling and tremendous command performance. If the Agape Spiritual Center was here, I’d go to it–talk about raising your energy level! We were in 2nd row. Beckwith’s granddaughter (9 years old), was sitting right behind us. Because of interactivity and being asked to HI 5 the people around us several times, I HI 5′d his granddaughter several times. Didn’t know she was his granddaughter until end of the event. I’m very glad Randy and I went.

I did some looking around on the Internet for photo of Tutu wearing this shirt, but to no avail. Instead I found a short article about why Boston Celtics use the South African term Ubuntu, which means “I am because of you.” This is something that Tutu speaks about often.

BOSTON, Mass. – June 10, 2008 – Sports quiz time. Can you name the Boston Celtics’ new rallying cry? It’s something the team chants…not the fans . . . (click on text to read full article).

Who knew?

Five days left until I begin my travels. Must get organized.


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