Water Like Glass

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The water, like glass
so still with life
asks us to do
what it does without effort ~ reflect ♥

nannette rogers kennedy
photo & poem April 2012 

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Red-winged Black Bird

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I, on an early evening
walk around the pond
with camera in hand
stop to listen to the song.
Fish jump from the water
a dog barks in the distance
a dove coos from overhead
beavers splash their tails
and a red-winged blackbird
perches so close that I freeze~
He sings of sunset
and his family sings
in response.
I silently
tap the shutter
to lengthen
this moment.

photo & poem by nannette rogers kennedy
April 2012 

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Child Within

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The child within wants to rest in the grass and look for elephants ~

photo & quote, nannette rogers kennedy, April 2012


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I Will Remember How You Made Me Feel

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There are a myriad of reasons NOT to honk your car horn at people…you never know what is going on with the person in the car in front of you. I’m not talking about the short “beep” to alert someone that the light has changed. I’m talking about the extended honk that can actually cause a car accident at worst or add stress to someone’s day at best.

In the words of Maya Angelou…I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ♥


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Soul Purpose

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No matter the length of visit in our lives, long or brief, every Soul blossoms with purpose ♥

Photo & Quote by Nannette Rogers Kennedy, April 2012


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Every year
I see the first buttery
dandelions of the season,
it reminds of when
I was very young~
my mother and I
made invaluable crowns
of what some call weeds~

nannette rogers kennedy
photo & poem, April 2012 

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Encourage Someone Today

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Today, encourage someone ~ “Come on Frank. You can do it. Just focus. It’s about balance.”

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I Love When I Can Laugh at Myself

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About a week ago, I banged my shin pretty hard, to the point of seeing a large bruise on my leg. I didn’t give much thought to this “injury” except for the fact that my leg was sore.

For the past week I’ve been thinking thoughts like: I intend for this pain to go away; I am healed; and the all-famous: it’s only an illusion…

The night before last, as I was finally settled into my bed for a peaceful and needed night’s sleep, I happened to look at my “injury” and noticed that near my heel, it was now all black and blue…not pretty at all. I immediately went to: OMG I have a blood clot. I’ll probably need to have an amputation or worse…I did a tremendous job of totally freaking myself out.

My husband calmly said, “You probably broke a blood vessel and because of gravity the blood is pooling around your ankle.” I thanked him for his words of encouragement, all the while stacking pillows on the end of my bed so that my leg would be raised higher than my head…I’d heard that somewhere before…then I let the runaway train of worry impress upon me: if it is a blood clot you don’t want it to travel towards your head….I tossed all the pillows on the floor, closed my eyes and began repeating: I am fine, I am fine, I am fine.

The next morning I called the doctor and made an appointment. My doctor is a wonderful man who has been our family’s doctor for over twenty years. When he entered the examination room, I told him I was very worried about my leg, amputation, death, etc…He said, “You always go to the worst place.” To which I said, “You can only go up from there.” We both laughed as he began examining my leg.

Then the doctor said, “Looks like you banged your shin pretty hard and broke a blood vessel and gravity is allowing blood to pool around your ankle. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s going to look uglier before it looks better, but you are fine. No funeral this time.”

Imagine my relief….having gone from 0-60 back down to 0 in a matter of 12 hours. On my way home from the doctor’s office, I was driving west, with the beautiful Rocky Mountains before me when, I swear, I looked at the sky over the mountains and there was a cloud in the shape of a foot. I laughed out loud and heard a message from the Universe: Lighten up. Since I rarely travel without my camera, I pulled over as quickly as I could to take a picture of the cloud…as you can see here the cloud had morphed a bit, but when I first saw it it clearly looked like a foot with toes.

Then, I turned and looked North and saw a goose standing on one leg….now I was really laughing….

Note to self: Stay in check. Your husband was right in his diagnosis and keep repeating: I’m doing better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow….it’s a process ♥













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Sweet Silhouette

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Dusk hovers
as cottonwoods reach
to taste
the altostratus sky ~
Zephyr whispers
waltz past
feathered fingers
and the branches sing
sweet of the crisp

photo & poem by
nannette rogers kennedy ♥

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Into the Mist

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Into the alabaster mist
I must go
to unfurrow my brow.
in low-lying clouds
unable to see
yet filled
with clarity,
I exhale.

nannette rogers kennedy, March 2012 ♥

Photo by Lars Van De Goor photography

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