Sunsets and trees…my favorites are these ~ 2013

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Pink Plum Sky, 2013

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In the moments
between sunset and dusk
the winter wheat
seems the color
of dark red wine,
and the fields
wave with motion
not unlike a purple sea~
water…but not,
before my eyes.

On a slight hill
against the pink-plum sky
one wooden
ordinary & vacant chair
(barely a silhouette)
sits beneath
a lone leafless tree
above a dancing
earth’s infinite

nannette kennedy
february 2013

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God’s Eye Sunset

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God’s Eye Sunset 12-12-12

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December 1 Sunset Glory

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Sunset Over Horsetooth Mountain, Fort Collins

Geese Sail the Sunset

Geese & Plant Life Mirror



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Moonrise Sunset

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Moonrise Sunset

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Sunset Prism

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Very interesting ~ never saw these light anomalies before a few days ago and now I’ve seen two in a week ~

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Striking Sunset

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Sunset, November 24, 2012, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Red-winged Black Bird

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I, on an early evening
walk around the pond
with camera in hand
stop to listen to the song.
Fish jump from the water
a dog barks in the distance
a dove coos from overhead
beavers splash their tails
and a red-winged blackbird
perches so close that I freeze~
He sings of sunset
and his family sings
in response.
I silently
tap the shutter
to lengthen
this moment.

photo & poem by nannette rogers kennedy
April 2012 

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Sweet Silhouette

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Dusk hovers
as cottonwoods reach
to taste
the altostratus sky ~
Zephyr whispers
waltz past
feathered fingers
and the branches sing
sweet of the crisp

photo & poem by
nannette rogers kennedy ♥

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The Swing

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On a play
ground, not grounded
at all, two sisters lean
into the air and swing
higher, higher.

Their children
toggle monkey bars
across the way
falling into soft cedar
before making it to
the other side.

The two sisters
stare off
at the pink sunset~
a subtle warning
that night
will surely come.

One sister whispers
to the other
What do you want to be
when you grow up?

Their children
climb the ladder
to the slide
and let go, laughing
to the end
to begin again.

Back and forth.
Up and down.
Rise and fall.
Quiet pain
of two sisters
on swings
mourning in early evening
their mother’s

July 2004

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