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June 2014 ~ Why aren’t my posts after September 13, 2013 here?  Hmmmm.


Donations sought for flood relief

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2013 ~ The below story is about my dear friend, Dee Meyer.  To say the last couple of days have been rough is to put it very mildly.  The photograph of Dee’s rental home below is only a few minutes before the house literally washed away.  I’m here for you, Dee, in all ways.


From Gering Citizen, Gering, Nebraska

The home of Dee Meyer and her 14-year-old daughter Andi, just minutes before it was swept away by the James Creek last Thursday. The Meyers lost everything but their three dogs.
JAMESTOWN, Colo – Jamestown, Colo. resident Dee Meyer‘s home and all of her possessions were carried away by the swollen James Creek last Thursday. The picturesque mountain town of Jamestown, near Lyons, was once home to 1,000 people. Only 25 residents remain. Nothing is left of the town’s historical buildings and most residences are completely destroyed.

Thousands in Colorado have been affected with similar circumstances. They have lost everything and have no toothbrush, socks, scissors, clothing, beds, bedding, kitchen supplies, appliances, etc. The loss of everyday items is devastating, to say nothing about the things that are not replaceable.

To assist with the immediate needs of flood victims in Colorado and Nebraska, three area businesses and local schools are working to collect donations of water and non-perishable food items for the relief of flood victims.

Donations may be delivered to the Union Bar in Gering, and to Bluffs Broadcasting in Scottsbluff. Once collected, NTC will transport the donations to needed areas. For more information, call Mitzi Cawthra at Bluffs Broadcasting, (308) 632-5667.

A fund has been set up to collect money to help Dee and Andi Meyer get back on their feet. Although they had renter’s insurance, flooding was not part of the coverage.
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Black & White

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2013 ~ Last night around 8:30pm I walk past my daughter’s & granddaughter’s room (they share a room) and I do a double take. Piper (4 years old) is packing all of her belongings. I ask her what she is doing. She says “Mom and I are going to visit uncle Mikey Kennedy tomorrow.” So I ask Mary Kennedy, my daughter about this and she says “No. That’s not right.” Piper, being completely packed, becomes frustrated with her mother. I go into my room and am not really paying attention until I hear things being dragged into my room. “Piper, what are you doing?” I ask. Piper says, “I’m mad at Mommy so I’m moving in with you.” (Across the hall).

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Casey Kennedy’s audition for Carnegie Hall

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2013 ~ Keep in mind, only the audio goes to Carnegie ~


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Casey Kennedy nominated to sing at Carnegie Hall

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GREAT News for Casey Kennedy ~ This mother has tears in her eyes. Just received this:

Dear Casey Kennedy,

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you have been nominated by Patrice Burgstahler for the 2014 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall. You are being recognized with this honor and Carnegie Hall performance opportunity as a result of your demonstrated musical accomplishments…..


The High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall

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Casey’s first day of his senior year ~

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2013 ~ Bittersweet…my youngest begins his first day of his senior year! All those years whirred right by!

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Does the tooth fairy know where I am?

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2013 ~ Just came across this pic from 1982 with my brother, Tony Ladesich (10 years old at the time). He spent the summer with me in Colorado that year…during that stay, Tony asked me, “Do you think the tooth fairy will know where to find me?” I looked at him, “Why?” In a very matter of fact tone, Tony answered, “Cause I have a loose tooth and I could really use the cash.” The tooth fairy did indeed locate Tony and awarded him with a bonus: this fish.

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Anela en Rouge

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2013 ~ Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I’m so excited to share with you all this beautiful short film (18 minutes), Anela en Rouge, that is the story of me coming full circle in recovering from the death of my mother, and how my mother promises to stay in contact with me after death. The story speaks to all mothers and daughters. Cara Myers is the producer of the film. Anthony Ladesich (also my brother) is the director of photography. Several film festivals selected and showed the film. I promise you will love Anela en Rouge. Beginning today the film is open to the public! Please share with all you know. (to all my mother’s children and grandchildren, too)

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Family Again

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2013 ~ About two years after my father died, my mother started dating my second Dad (never did like the ring of “step”—Cinderella put the curse of horror on that word).

The notion of our family returning to wholeness by having a father back in the home delighted me. I could quit answering the question of my father’s whereabouts; I could quit seeing the pained looks on people’s faces when I told them he had died; I’d still have a future as a father’s daughter.

After a year of dating, my dad-to-be, my mother and the four of us kids sat in the back seat of a Ford Country Squire station wagon with the faux wooden sides waiting at the railroad tracks for the train to pass. My nine year old brother, counted the train cars, my seven year old sister and I sang Herman’s Hermits’ song “Mrs. Brown You’ve got a Lovely Daughter” at the tops of our lungs to drown out my three year old sister’s repetitious “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Suddenly, my dad-to-be turned to us in the back seat and said, “I’d like everyone’s attention.”

He wasn’t yelling or anything, but we were totally unaccustomed to him making any group statements. My mother even looked surprised. He turned to my mother, held up a small box, opened it and held out a ring toward all of us.

“Barbara, I want to know if you and the kids will have me?”

My mother looked at us in the back seat and said, “Well? Vince wants to marry us. What do you say?”

We’d just received the biggest gift ever. We all started screaming “yes” and watched my dad-to-be kiss my mother. “Gross!” we yelled and we were happy.

Gratitude for my second Dad

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First Turtle, 2013

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On my way home from a trying time at the bank, I looked over at City Park lake and saw my first two turtles of the season…interesting, water all around them and they look dusty and dry….yet enjoying their time in the sun :) gratitude

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